Renown Entertainment Debuts Super Waves Survivor on Android Devices for Free

Renown Entertainment Debuts Super Waves Survivor on Android Devices for Free!
Johnny Calm returns with endless over the top retro-inspired beat 'em up action

Vancouver, Canada. – March 19, 2013
– Craving nostalgic 2D side scrolling gameplay for your Android device? Itching for the ultimate twitch reflex arcade game? Play Super Waves Survivor now and serve up some endless old-school inspired beat 'em up action. Yes, it's free. Yes, it’s challenging. Yes, you’ll push your hand-eye coordination and reflexes to the limit. No, there is nothing else like it.

Take on hordes of vicious sea creatures and other ocean hazards as you help Johnny Calm battle for survival. Starting in a rowboat with an oar, the rules are simple: move, jump, attack and crush enemies Mario style while staying ahead of the shark with a case of the nom-nom-noms! Want more? You got it. Johnny can earn treasures from mermaids and collect golden coins to employ crazy super moves, upgrades, and much more.

President James Lau notes "We originally planned a direct port of Waves: Survivor to Android due to overwhelming requests from our fans. With evolving user trends and improvements in mobile hardware since the game’s initial launch (5th of October 2010 - App Store), we ended up remaking the entire game to the benefit of players on Android devices.”

“Our lead project engineer, Curtis Richard, was instrumental in ushering Renown's debut game to our current technologies and process. It's astounding how much is learned and how quickly mobile technology evolves in a 3.5 year span. This allowed our team to craft a more focused, skill-based game experience combining current design trends with inspiration from the 8-bit and 16-bit generation we grew up playing.”

Super Waves Survivor features vibrant re-mastered HD sprites, a brand new menu system, upgraded physics and fan suggested features among other improvements resulting in the definitive version of the game.

Are you the ultimate survivor? Challenge your friends and other gamers to claim the top spot through Heyzap.

"An exciting aspect of Super Waves Survivor is Heyzap for easy social gaming. Players can challenge friends and others, earn achievements, climb leaderboards and post their accomplishments through popular social media feeds. We don't traditionally use third party social SDKs in our games, but Heyzap got it right.”

“The presentation is cleanly designed and unobtrusive to users coupled with easy integration for developers. With a large community of quality users, we’ve seen increased player retention and word of mouth downloads among other benefits with Heyzap throughout our game library."

Get Super Waves Survivor for Android now for free!

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About Renown Entertainment

Renown Entertainment is a privately held company formed in late 2009 by industry veterans to create fun, profitable, highly polished games of exceptional value and social relevance. We believe in quality as the best business plan and develop our games with the artisan method.

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