Renown Entertainment Releases the Shiniest Ball-Hop Game in the Universe for FREE!



Renown Entertainment Releases the Shiniest Ball-Hop Game in the Universe for FREE!
Available on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad 2 and Facebook


Vancouver, Canada. – June 7, 2011 - Get the popular arcade classic with a shiny makeover! Ball-Hop Bowling is the #1 arcade bowling game featuring high definition 3D graphics, fun ultra-realistic physics, tons of prizes, and standard/premium content to keep you coming back for more. Best of all it's FREE for your Apple iOS device and FREE to play on Facebook.

President James Lau notes "Everyone at Renown loves Skee-Ball type games and felt that an ultimate video game version was yet to be created. We took a shot at doing this and developed a fun, modern, best of category experience.

"Ball-Hop Bowling was built with console quality graphics taking full advantage of the iPad display and iPhone4 Retina Display. The team obsessed over creating a faithful version of the real world counterpart. They measured and weighed the balls, played on a variety of machines, captured videos for reference, and tuned the physics until the game was exceptional."

Don't have an Apple iOS device? Play the game on Facebook and challenge your friends to compete for the highest score on the Ball-Hop Bowling leaderboards.

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Renown Entertainment is a privately held company formed in late 2009 by industry veterans to create fun, profitable, highly polished games of exceptional value and social relevance. We believe that quality is the best business plan and develop our games with the artisan method.

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